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Pietro Antonio Landolfi c.1760

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Pietro Antonio Landolfi of Milan, Italy c. 1760-5. The Violin labeled Carlo Ferdinando Landolfi / nella Contrada di Santa Margarita / al segno della Sirena. Milano 1753, is, the work of Pietro Antonio Landolfi of Milan, made in the workshop of his father Carlo Ferdinando, and dating from circa 1760-5.


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Description: The back is fashioned from a single piece of quarter-cut maple marked with a faint , narrow, horizontal flame. The sides are formed from similar maple.

The scroll is carved from plain maple. The top is fashioned from two pieces of spruce with fine straight grains that grow broader adjacent to the F-holes. The varnish is a medium golden brown in color.
This violin is in a good state of preservation.

Measurements: 35.3 / 16.7 / 20.7 / 11.5